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Terms & Conditions

1. 100% Guarantee

We set very high standards - so we guarantee our job 100% - please notify us as soon as possible if you find something is unsatisfactory.

  • Deep cleans and end of tenancy cleans up to 12h - 100% guarantee

  • Regular cleans and others - up to 6 hours 100% guarantee


After 100% guarantee time we will closely review your requests.

If leaving your property in our hands when end of tenancy clean completed - and you won’t be able to see your property in your guaranteed time, please ask for our 100% guarantee extension.


Our quotes are based on information from our customers. If any changes – we will notify you on arrival.


3. Pest

CUSTOMER MUST NOTIFY us if property is infested and service may be refused. We will also charge extra £60 to cover cost of replaced items we have to dispose of, deep clean of our equipment and PPE.

4. Sentimental Value and Expensive Furniture

If you have anything very expensive, or an item that has a sentimental value for you, please notify our team upon arrival and put those away if possible


5. Service Refusal

We reserve all rights to refuse service at any point if:

- property is in hazardous condition

- condition of property is not as described

- any of the team members feel unsafe or threatened

- if we think we or our cleaning techniques could cause damage to the property.


6. Pictures & Videos

We always take pictures or videos of your property, although we will never post any of the pictures/videos on social media without your consent.

7. Allergies & Health conditions

Please notify us of any allergies or health conditions you may have - (bleach allergy, asthma etc.) so we know which products and techniques to use to complete our task.

8. Payments

All payments must be made on date of completion - by bank transfer, card or cash - invoice will be issued straight after service - please note any late payments may be issued with penalty minimum of 10% of the service charge per week.

9. Pets 

We do not accept responsibility for your pets, but we will, of course, make sure they are Secure & Safe.

Please close your pets into 1 convenient room upon cleaner arrival (preferably with toilet, food and water) and our cleaner will let them out once they load all cleaning supplies and tools into your home. This way we can ensure any necessary steps to secure your pets.


10. Deposits
We will ask our customers for 50% deposit of a quoted price prior to your appoitment (depending on booking requirements) – customer will then pay remaining 50% on job completion. Deposit will be required when the booking is confirmed by Advanced cleaning services representative and Customer.


11. Cancellations 

If you need to cancel your appointment you must give at least 24 hours notice to recieve your deposit back. If less than 24 hours notice is given you will loose your deposit.

12. Breakage/Damage 

Our staff take great care when cleaning your home, but occasionally accidents do occur. Our policy is to inform you immediately when an accident occurs but if you notice any breakage/damage please notify us immediately so that we may take appropriate action. We are not responsible for hanging items and shelves that have not been properly secured to the wall.


13. Supplies

Advanced Cleaning services will provide all equipment and supplies except for trash liners, unless the client prefers to provide supplies. Exceptions are if the client has any specialty cleaners they prefer.

14. Sick Policy

If anyone in the home is sick with a contagious illness (Flu,Covid-19, Cold, Pneumonia, Chicken pox, Lice, etc.) please reschedule your cleaning. We want to limit the possibility of transferring illnesses from one home to another or causing employees to become too ill to work. To be fair to all the customers and staff, please wait until you are well again. We will also not send a sick employee to your home for the same reasons.

15. Bodily Fluids

We do not clean animal cages, litter boxes, animal droppings, human or pet faeces, urine, vomit, soiled clothing or similar biohazards within domestic services. If biohazard pressent we can orginise speecialized team to deal with those.


16. Confidential Agreement

Our Services are fully private and confidential – We will never share any information about customers, home or private information in line with GDPR legislation.

If key given to access your property – we will never share it with anyone other than our employees.


17.Your Property is safe. Our Company – will always make sure your property is locked and safe and windows closed – unless advised otherwise.

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